Where We’re Headed

We’re excited to announce the five city stops for our Diversity Tour in 2011!

Next Spring, Malinda and I will be signing in these following locations with other authors we’ve invited.

* drumroll please *

San Francisco!
New York City!
And in the Fall, we'll be doing a signing in San Diego!

Who are the other authors participating? Please sign up on our mailing list and we’ll notify you via email as soon as we make the official announcement. We have a fantastic list of authors who have agreed to join us to celebrate diversity in middle grade and young adult books next year. We can’t wait!

34 thoughts on “Where We’re Headed

  1. This is so awesome!! What would it take to have you make a stop in the Midwest… possibly near Chicago?
    At any rate, I am excited to follow your tour.

  2. I am so sad that it does not include Los Angeles. May need to think about a trip to San Francisco or San Diego. What a wonderful idea though.

  3. sarah, we seriously considered chicago!
    but do to both time and costs restraints,
    we chose places where we knew authors were,
    so there would be no major travel costs
    involved for them to join us.

    perhaps in the future?

  4. Well, if you’re looking for cities with authors I know you won’t be coming to Indianapolis, but if you stop *anywhere* in the midwest, I’ll be there! This is a cause I definitely support.

  5. I’m not sure which of these I’ll be able to make (Can’t you come to D.C.? PLEASE! :)), but I’m going to try to get to one. I travel to San Diego a lot for work, so I’m hoping I can swing a business trip there to see y’all. Love this idea.

  6. Good stuff. I hope you can swing down to Kepler’s in Menlo! Otherwise, I’ll see you in SF.

  7. I love and hate that Philadelphia (my city) is so close to NYC. I love being close enough to go to things there but not every time there is a great signing. Philadelphia area often gets overlooked being so close to NYC. Come to the Philly burbs..we’ve got some great bookstores and some voracious readers who would LOVE to come to this tour!

  8. hi jamie, we wish we could go to many more places, too. the enthusiasm for our tour has been so fantastic. alas, we are limited by time and budget, and chose cities where we knew authors were. we wanted to minimize the travel costs for them.

  9. You’re right, this is a FANTASTIC start!!! I’ll be posting on the blog to support you in the meantime!
    Ari and I may have to plan a trip!!

  10. Very exciting news! When will you be in the Boston area? We have a newly formed Diversity Club at our middle school, and it would be wonderful if we could find a way to host or take the kids to meet you!

  11. yes! we will be in boston!
    most likely at the Cambridge Public Library.
    trying to firm locations at each city before
    we officially announce. we’d love to see
    the Diversity Club middle school kids. how
    perfect is that?

  12. Hi Cindy!

    Just saw your tweet to me about this! How COOL! And what a great lineup of authors! Thanks so much to you & Malinda for organizing something like this. It is definitely needed! I will definitely try to make your NYC tour stop–are there any dates known yet? Keep us posted . . . 🙂

  13. thanks crystal! we are so excited!
    i hope you can make it. it’ll be the
    week of may 9th. will let people know asap.
    make sure you sign up for our newsletter to
    keep posted. cheers!!

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