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DiYa fans!

Malinda and I are so excited to announce the author list for our Diversity Tour! We’re grateful for the librarians, booksellers, educators, bloggers — all book lovers— who have responded with such enthusiasm for this tour. The wonderful authors who’ve agreed to join us at signings range from a New York Times bestseller to Newbery Honorees to a Printz and Eisner Award recipient. We hope you are as excited by this tour as we are!

Again, this is a grassroots effort. If you could help spread the word in any way you can, we greatly appreciate it. As we approach the actual tour dates in May, we’ll be updating the DiYA website with guest posts, featuring books releasing in 2011 that include diversity, and launching a fantastic contest. So please stay tuned for future updates.

Now without further ado, please click over to our Author Bios page to see who we have lined up to sign at each tour location.

20 thoughts on “We’re going on tour with…

  1. OMG What a great lineup you guys have gotten together! I’m so excited to have this site on my list now! You both are awesome and I can’t wait to see this thing blossom and grow!

  2. This whole thing is so great and I am so excited. I have been working so hard since early last year to get people to read the books that may take them out of their comfort zones and this is just a fantastic way to do that. I posted about this on the PoC Challenge blog (without revealing your secrets of course) I just wanted to say thank you for doing this, it is a subject near and dear to my own heart.

  3. I love, love, LOVE this whole idea. I’m so excited to read all of your books. Hopefully you will all come to a city near me on your tour! Thank you very much for promoting diversity in YA writing!

  4. of course there are! malinda and i needed to go where
    the authors were. we wanted to keep the travel
    costs at a minimum for them. and as it were, we
    would have loved to go to more cities–BUT we are
    limited on both time and budget, alas.

  5. yes we hope to! i’ll be having a signing for Fury of the Phoenix at mysterious galaxy books with nancy holder (not part of the Diversity tour) on april 9. but in october we hope to do a Diversity Tour signing with malinda lo and others. still working on logistics. thanks for asking!

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